Evaluation & Assessment

Evaluation & Assessment

There is no formal examination for students of Nursery to K.G. The Report Cards of the children is based on the assessment / evaluation done on the basis of day to day observation.

Nursery & Prep : No Formal assessment. The children are assessed on the basis of day to day observation, through general discussion and revision worksheets. A checklist is also prepared at the end of each term to verify the child’s conceptual understanding.

Class I : The grading system of Class I is an overall assessment of a child’s performance in class which includes the written as well as oral skills. Formal exams are not held however, at the end of each term, oral testing is done which further helps in assessing a child.

Class II : The report cards of the children are based on the assessment / evaluation done on the basis of Weekly Tests, Oral Testing, Projects as well as the day to day observation of the child.
Two formal examinations, one in each semester for Classes VI – IX and XI are there.

For Classes X and XII, there are three formal examinations.

One Monday Test every week for all the Classes VI – XII is held in rotation for all subjects.

Pre-Primary Wing

  • Armed with a simple mission to develop the young minds and help them in a harmonious way, for an all round development.
  • The best years of a child’s brain development are his first four years.
  • During this time the child’s mind picks up every concept very quickly, and hence.
  • It is essential to form a positive impression about the good things in the world.
  • We at Bharat Public Senior Secondary School  strive to give the child the best environment to develop themselves and prepare for the new world outside.
  • With this site we intend to update the parents about the trends of the education sector, and ease their worries about the child’s initial years.

Pre-Primary Wing :
It is unique & beautifully equipped and purposefully built air-cool play wing situated in Bharat Public Senior Secondary School Campus. The Pre-primary curriculum is focused on multiple sensory learning, phonetic awareness, communication skills and confidence building. It has creativity centre with activity based child development toys, lift facility & food warming facility for kids.

Co-curricular Activities :
For holistic development and bring out hidden talent, the schools provide array of activities. Every child is given a platform to realize his/her potential and pursue his/her hobbies.
Co-scholastic activities include Debate, Declamation, Drama, Dance, Music (Vocal and instrumental) poem recitation, poetry, kitchen tricks needle work etc. Schools also have Eco club and scouts & Guides Wing.

Adventure Camp :
A two day action-packed adventure camp exposes the children to exciting activities like Rippling, River-Crossing, Monkey-Crawling, Rock-Climbing etc.

Sports :
The school has facilities for Badminton, Basketball, Handball, Football, Volleyball, and Table tennis & Athletics.

Yoga :
For mental solace and physical well-being yoga classes are inbuilt in the time table.


Education, if not incorporated with co-curricular activities cannot be considered workable and complete. As a part of over all personality development programme we have famed two societies.

Activity Society   Educational Society
  1. Dance Club
  2. Music Vocal Club
  3. Music Instrumental Club
  4. Art and Craft Club
  5. Dramatis Club
  6. Elocution Club
  7. Pottery Club
  1. Creative Writing Club
  2. Math’s Club
  3. Science Club
  4. Cyber Club
  5. Eng. Language Club

The school strives to attain a balanced growth of children by giving equal importance to both curricular and co-curricular activities. The school encourages the students to be a part of at least one club from each society.

Activities For Various Classes :
Pre Nursery to Class 2nd :
Recitation of Rhymes with actions Dance, Music , Clay Modeling , Fancy Dress, Excursions, Indoor games and Group Games.

Classes 3rd to 6th :
Calligraphy , education , Poetry, Recitation , Painting , Music Vocal , Gardening , Quiz , Public speaking .

Class 7th Onwards :
Dramatic (Hindi and English) , Elocution, dance, Music , Bulletin Board Display, Creating Writing, Rangoli, Quiz, Excursions, Indoor Games and Group Games.

Excursions :
Educational and Adventure Tours are Organized from time to time provide first hand knowledge and training in activities .

Sports :
Sports hold an important and prominent place in the school curriculum and immense steer is laid on regular games and sports being played by the students to keep them physical fit and mentally alert. Various sports are played with in the school to give maximum students an opportunity to play organized competitive games and to develop in them the essential qualities.

Inter-school and Inter House fixtures are regularly played by the children in various games lime cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton teakwood and Karate.

Club System :
The school has a system of hobby clubs which provide ample opportunities to encourage the children to utilize their creative energies and skills and develop their artistic talents in a particular field.

Children are encouraged to take part in various activities and explore various situations.

The school has a healthy blend of academics and extra curricular activities.

A continuous effort is made to see that the child discovers and reinvents himself as a unique individual.

A number of clubs have been initiated with the prime aim of enabling the students to explore a world beyond their text and satiate their innovative and creative urge.

As a part of over all personality development programme we have famed two societies.

A part from the above societies Bharat Public Senior Secondary School Students has some more clubs to boost for :

  1. Brain Teases ( Quiz)
  2. Social Service Club
  3. Nature’s Eco Club
  4. Yoga and Meditation
  5. Judo and Karate


“Art is Every Where, Except it has to Pass Through a Creative Mind”
This department helps to work out the divinity that is busy within young, creative and innovative minds.

In terms of self-expression and interpersonal skills, the art group forms an important part of School's holistic ideals.

Young minds work and express their innermost thoughts in their craft work.

The school has many facilities for the arts, housed in our Arts Centre where students are taught crafts like Hand-embroidery, Clay-modeling, Paper Mache, Pottery-designing, tie and die, terracotta painting, etc.

The Fine Art room provides a perfect ambience to the students to enhance their aesthetic skills.

The Art & Craft Society of BPS is extremely active where students learn to work with varied sections.

The department of art and craft is also active in hosting exhibitions of art work produced by children on a regular basis. The children are encouraged to work and experiment with various mediums like oil, water, crayon etc.

House System :

The concept of house system is an integral part of any residential school aiming at the holistic development of students.

BPS subscribes to the house system as it nurtures effective leaders, facilitates decisive convictions and it helps to co-ordinate various activities in life and leads to the building up of Espirit de corps and camaraderie among students.

The school is divided into four houses with a prime objective of inculcating in the pupils sense of collective responsibility and solidarity, a sense of team spirit and to encourage healthy competition.

Each house is placed under a house master/mistress who is directly responsible for discipline and general well being of the members of the house along with House captain and perfect who shoulder the responsibility through monitorial system.

Braham Putra House Satluj House Narmada House Kavery House

Games and Sports have always been an integral part of our curriculum.

The school follows an extensive plan for promoting the skills and techniques of different games.

For us, sport also is one kind of learning where children having potential of making big, get the opportunity to shine on the larger scale.

Bharat Public Senior Secondary School has sports and training facilities, which include Athletics, Skating, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Kho-Kho, Cricket, Snooker, Throw Ball, Cross Country, Cycling, Martial Arts & Weight Training.

Table Tennis, Chess, and Scrabble are some of the indoor games that the girls also enjoy.

The budding talents are given special coaching in their respective disciplines by experts and offered maximum opportunity to participate in the district and state level inter school competitions.

The accolades won by the students in different fields reflect their potential and give vent to the abundant energy which they possess. Inter-house competitions and sports events are also organized to direct the potential of the students in their field of interest.

Facilities for Sports such as Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Foot Ball, Cricket, Badminton, Yoga, Aerobics, Martial Arts, Taekwando, Roller Skating, Athletics, play swings, well equipped Gymnasium, Table Tennis, Chess and other Indoor games are provided in school campus.

Pre Primary Activities
Smart Class :
The school has adopted modern facilities to teach the students. The school has special projector room to teach the students the nuance each and every subject.

Play way Method :
In order to enable its students to be at par with the changing times method is introduced, so that pupils can learn the things easily while playing and enjoy their course.

Prayer, Yoga and Meditation :
it is obligatory for all children to participate in daily silent prayer and meditation, in cultural and aesthetic activities and its moral instructions. Special emphasis is laid upon yoga so that the child has a perfect control over the mind, senses and body. However, religious instructions, when imparted, will be purely optional to be followed.

Calligraphy Classes :
the art of writing beautifully is known as Calligraphy. In a student’s life, it is very important that he/she writes in legible beautiful handwriting, keeping this in view, we at BPS, make it a point to improve the handwriting, by organizing regular calligraphy classes.

Abacus :
A program, which enables the students to achieve an extremely high standard of mental Arithmetic. Abacus means Mental Math. It is an old method of teaching basic rules of arithmetic. It is very interesting method of developing interest of the students in a tough subject like Math. We at BPS make it a point to introduce our students to abacus at the very earliest.

Moral Values :
It is the responsibility of every educational institution to inculcate moral values among its students with this aim in mind; the school not only has separate classes for students on moral values, but also encourages them to take part in various competitions held in the city on moral values. The good point is that the students have brought laurels for the school in these competitions as well.

Academics :
At B.P.S , we provide education with an objective to empower students to make decision of our own to find creative solutions and plan effective action strategies. We strive to embed the spirit of success in each student. Whereby they can walk into tomorrow’s world with assured footsteps. The curriculum is structured in a manner that keeps your child in touch with ever changing world trends, right from the junior year to senior level.

We constantly strive to evaluate the classroom and teaching strategy to create the most apt. education for the children.

As it is buzz of today’s world, the school tries lend best to keep up with the times by imitating It training. The school has internet facility and teachers guide students through World Wide Web video conferencing, Multimedia lab, & slide projects are also used to enhance the understanding of the students about the particular subjects.


Activity Society
  • Dance Club
  • Music Vocal Club
  • Art and Craft Club
  • Dramatis Club
  • Elocution club